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GDPR: Changes applied to FXRecruiter websites

Deleting accounts

Since the GDPR changes have been applied to your website, you will notice that from time to time your website’s default ‘admin address receives emails from the site reporting that candidates have requested that their personal data is deleted.  Their information will have been deleted from the website immediately upon this request, but it is important at that stage that you review your internal systems to ensure that no other personal data (unless you require it by law) is held elsewhere and that their request is respected.

Data requests

Candidates can now also email you asking for the data you hold on them in an electronic format. Whilst you can do that easily in the website’s “candidate manager” when logged in, you will also need to combine the information you can get from there with any information held on your internal systems and email all to the candidate.  Information must be provided without delay and at the latest within one month of receipt according to the ICO [read more]

To obtain electronic data from the website

Please search by candidate email as below and download the CV/application report information as shown below

  1. Applications report – search by email and export to excel [view image]
  2. Candidates listing – search by email and download the candidate CV [view image]
  3. You can review/edit the text on your register page within the CMS here
    Content > Built-in pages > Register page

Refer a Friend

If you have a refer a friend page on your website, the form is no longer available (it’s not legal to store info of people who have not consented), so you will need to edit the text on that page to explain how a user can now refer a friend to you.  The ICO advises that you simply ask the person referring to contact their friend and ask them to contact you, mentioning the referrer’s name.


If you feel that there are any other GDPR changes required in the future, then please contact us on 08000 199 737 or support@reversedelta.com