How can I make Google for Jobs work for my business?

To make the job page compliant for ‘Google for Jobs’ on an older site, requires adding special “Schema” code to your job page. You also would need to amend your job posting process a little.

The key to saving money with Google for Jobs is to attract candidates to your recruitment website. In short, Google is providing free advertising for your job adverts on your website. Hopefully, this means avoiding signing another significant invoice to the Job Boards.

Image 1 below shows what happens when you post jobs to multiple job boards – every candidate that applies on a job site and costs you money. Job Boards will also target your candidates with emails advertising competitors jobs.

Image 1 – what happens when you post jobs to multiple job boards

In Image 2, the only apply button is for the Clients recruitment website. If you want/need to continue using the job boards then the tip here is to create two jobs, posting one to the job boards and the other only on your recruitment website. 

Image 2 – when you withdraw spend from job boards

Aimed at making job searches easier for candidates, the benefit of having your jobs posted on Google for Jobs is that candidates come back to your website to apply for jobs, rather than going to a competitor such as a job board.

How do I get the Schema added to my website job pages?

If you are interested in discussing Google for Jobs ‘Schema’ or markup in more detail, please contact one of our experts.

Or if you are interested in finding out more about a new recruitment website and the creative services we offer then visit Reverse Delta

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