How should I pay for my recruitment website?

There are a number of options available to you when looking to buy a new recruitment website for your business.  There is no right answer to which is best for you, but you should consider the following:

Pay Monthly Recruitment Websites

You can often pay monthly for your recruitment website with no initial set up fee.  This is often called a SaaS (software as a service) fee, or an OpEx (operational expenditure).

The pros to this are that you have no large capital outlay at the beginning of the project, and costs can be more easily managed with a fixed monthly fee.  If things don’t work out for your business or for the relationship with your website company, then you will typically be able to leave after the first year (but do check the smallprint!)

The cons are that you will inevitably pay more over 2+ years, as the website provider is essentially ‘lending’ you money, with their payback further down the line.  So if you are planning to keep your website for 2+ years then this will be a costlier option.  

Recruitment Website Upfront costs

The more traditional approach is an upfront implementation fee to cover the costs of the design and implementation of your website, and then a smaller fixed monthly fee to cover support and hosting of your website.  This may also be called CapEx (capital expenditure).

The pros to this are that you are making a one-off investment, and then have much lower running costs.  This will typically be a more cost effective option if you have cash in the business.

The cons are that you are making a larger investment rather than paying a fixed monthly amount.

Financing your website

Another option is to consider financing your website.  This may be the best solution if you do not have spare capital, but wish to have more control over the monthly costs.

The pros are that you will get the capital needed to go the cheaper CapEx route without having to find the upfront payments.  The cons are that you are essentially taking out a loan and will be paying interest on that loan. We have finance companies that you can work with.

We offer all these payment options, and also a ‘hybrid’ option where you can optimise your upfront and monthly payments to suit you.  In short, we do not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach to the partnerships we have with our clients, and prefer the tailored approach.

Templates vs Custom Designed Recruitment Websites

One final thing to consider when deciding to buy a recruitment website, is how much custom design work you need.  Design and branding are labour-intensive, and therefore can add significant cost to a website implementation. Once the design has been agreed, HTML and web code need creating and testing.  Significant savings can be made by choosing to use pre-designed ’templates’ either for your internal web pages or also for your home page. These are typically starting points, and you can configure them in terms of colours, images and content:  usually only the layout is fixed.

If you would like to discuss our payment options in more detail, please contact one of our experts.