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Job Board Website Design and Development

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The FXRecruiter Job Board Software is extremely flexible and can be tailored to most recruitment company’s needs.

The database can be set up to match your recruitment database fields. Custom fields can easily be added and used for either display or search, such as:

  • Location
  • Category
  • Discipline
  • Job Type (e.g. Permanent, Contract, Temp)
  • Salary (annual, per day or per hour)
  • Company Name (optional)

Our search algorithm displays results based on relevancy to the keywords and search filters that were selected.

Search results are displayed paginated (defaulting to 10 results per page) clicking through to search engine optimised jobs pages. Each job page can contain a number of features in addition to the standard ‘Apply for this job’ form. These include:

Click on the links above to read more about these features.

When applying for jobs, candidates can also register. The registration process is deliberately simple, with only a password needed – the personalisation benefits encourage candidates to sign up, giving them a home page, email alerts, application history and ability to manage their details; and giving you valuable candidate information for future marketing and matching.