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Job RSS Feeds

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You will probably be familiar of the power of using RSS feeds as a way to keep up with news, or perhaps the latest bloggers’ opinions (if you haven’t then you can  read more here: RSS )

With FXRecruiter, your candidates will be able to convert their own job search instantly into a RSS feed, subscribing to your latest jobs without even having to visit your website. They can also subscribe to all jobs in a particular sector or location – in fact any combination of keywords and locations or sectors!

RSS is a versaitle and widely used format meaing you can also use it to have your latest jobs displayed on your Facebook or Twitter pages.  Some job boards will accept RSS feeds also.

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RSS is another valuable add-on to streamline the candidate’s searching process by giving them one less site to visit and more time for their other work. You’re making it easier for candidates to find your jobs.