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We all know that jobs come and go – hopefully meaning your recruitment company has placed a candidate quickly.

Unfortunately, Google may still have a link to your job in its results, and on some badly built websites, this can result in visitors to your site being presented with an error – potentially losing a candidate.

Our archive feature means you can keep these old jobs on your site, and as far as Google is concerned they still exist and over time result in you having many jobs on your site. This all helps to build up your website’s “authority” – more jobs means more content and is great for SEO.

Of course, you don’t want to be advertising jobs that have already been filled, so our jobs archive will tell the visitor that the job has been filled and offer suggestions of similar jobs or to sign up for email alerts or an RSS feed of their search.

So you don’t lose the opportunity to engage with what could turn out to be a great candidate.

Job Archive