LinkedIn Job Wrapping

FXRecruiter can post your job vacancies to the LinkedIn job board. This uses LinkedIn’s ‘Job Wrapping’ and requires you to pay to post vacancies. The commercial relationship is between you and LinkedIn. There are two versions:

  • Job Wrapping Auto – simplified version of Job Wrapping Plus that automatically posts open jobs. This is all or nothing
  • Job Wrapping Plus – allows you to prioritize which open jobs are posted into your job slots. This allows more tuning of which jobs are posted

FXRecruiter passes the vacancy data to LinkedIn in an XML feed. There is no ‘feedback’ to FXRecruiter whether the posting has been successful, eg if there were insufficient credits – that must all be managed using LinkedIn. There is no job posting administration within FXRecruiter.

The feed is scanned approximately every 24 hours, so any changes to jobs will be updated on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn refers the applicant to your recruitment website to complete the application. 

What data is passed to LinkedIn in the XML feed?

  • Job title
  • Date
  • Application URL
  • Company name
  • Postal code
  • Department
  • Experience Level
  • Job Functions
  • Industries
  • CompanyID
  • ContractID
  • JobID
  • Job description

How long are jobs posted for?

30 days. However they can be renewed or closed at anytime.

How is a job refreshed?

Currently unknown, and assume this is configured using LinkedIn control panel.

What happens if there are no credits available in LinkedIn?

The jobs would be rejected and not posted.

If 3 jobs were sent in the API and only one credit was available, what would happen? 

Only the first one will appear and the others will be rejected.

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