SEO template for job descriptions and job details pages

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A client just asked me for a template to use to write their job descriptions to maximise the benefits of SEO.

Not a ‘template’ as such! Job descriptions best practice for ‘new-starters’ to SEO copywriting and page architecture for recruitment websites.

Links to the job

Make sure the job title is the anchor text of the link (not ‘click here’ or ‘more info‘).

Jobs pages

Just make sure there is one page per job!

In-page factors

Your keyword rich areas should be:

  • Meta Title Tag
  • Meta Description
  • Job Title

…then other important keywords – especially job/sector or geographical keywords – should feature prominently on the page.

Job description copywriting

A few job descriptions best practices in copywriting:

  • Try to make the job title a term people would search for in Google, Yahoo, etc.
  • Avoid ‘non-search’ terminology like “Opportunity” or “Seeking a…”, “My Client is…”, etc. You can use these terms, but they’re wasting valuable space in the Title and the early part of a job description.
  • Familiarise yourself with the different levels of headings (or <h> tags as developers call them).  Headings and sub-headings on a page should flow properly, so if you want to break your job description down, don’t use bold headings, use h3 or h4 (Heading 3 or Heading 4) tags – like ‘Job description copywriting’ above.
  • Avoid, at all costs, pasting anything into a web site’s text editor using Microsoft Word or another similar program. These are designed for print and can put all sorts of unnecessary code into your text that could – in some cases – mean that Google can’t properly index the content. Use ‘Paste as Text’ or similar.
  • Repeat those search keywords wherever possible and relevant (think of candidates searching and what they might type into Google – then keep thinking it – what candidates call the job may differ from what recruiters call it).
  • Use lists if needed, to increase keyword density.
  • Think about synonyms – eg ‘team leader’ as well as ‘project manager’ or ‘sales manager’ as well as ‘business development manager’.

For developers

  • Make the Title Tags work dynamically in the following format
    • Meta Title: Job: [Job Title] – [Location] – [Category-or-sector]
    • Make the Meta Description dynamically take the Job Title, then the first characters of the Job Description up to a max of 160 characters
  • Place the Job Title in <h1> tags
  • Place the Location and Category in <h2> tags
  • Ensure that the job editor allows site administrators to add <h3> headings within a job description and train people to use them.

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