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BDI Resourcing
  • Client: BDI Resourcing

BDI Resourcing were a delight to work with and we enjoyed the collaborative process developing their ideas to give them the site they wanted. They are primarily a medical recruitment site, specialising in bringing in qualified people from overseas to work in the UK.

They recognised this is as much a challenge about helping recruits understand the culture of living and working in the UK as it is about ticking the right boxes for qualifications and experience. Hence their ‘helping hand’ approach and extensive library of useful information covering everything from Visas, NHS process, to buying a car and eating out.

  • Extensive News collection to give them a powerful archive of helpful information to help with resettling
  • Posting stories out to their social network – Facebook, LinkedIn, etc
  • Integration with their Job Adder software to ensure the smooth flow of jobs from their CRM to the website