What should you look for in a Recruitment Website Specialist?

Choosing a new recruitment company website solution provider can be a daunting task, if you are new to recruitment or not used to dealing with recruitment specialists. You might not know what functionality is available, or how it can integrate with the other tools you use in your business.

Often we will receive a brief for a recruitment website design that simply lists all the ‘basics’ that we have been providing for years.  To use an analogy, you wouldn’t go to a local mechanic and describe a car to them! You would choose a car from a known vendor based on various factors: car size, colour, engine size, speed, fuel efficiency etc.

When choosing a new recruitment website supplier, we suggest you take a similar approach.  You should be able to take it for granted that a specialist will have the best recruitment website functionality, compared with a general web designer.  

Those of us who have been working in the recruitment industry for a while will know a bit about your business, the other tools and software you use, and will have the best recruitment website features.  

Using a generalist can be fraught with problems, from them not understanding your business needs, to having to ‘reinvent wheels’ – costs can soon ramp up if they have never integrated a website with a multi-poster or a recruitment CRM system, for example.  Also, will they be there to support you in the years ahead?

Supporting a website is an ongoing task.  Things change: regulations (like GDPR); technology (like Google for Jobs);  security patches need making to defend against hacks and data breaches; adapting to changes in your business such as new divisions, locations or sectors to name just a few.

Our FXRecruiter Digital Recruitment Platform has taken years of experience to develop, and as it is all we do, we can proactively reinvest into our product development, to keep us and you ahead of the curve.

When choosing a new recruitment website designer, you should check that they have the following features and capabilities:

  • Have they designed and built recruitment websites before?
  • Do they integrate with the other recruitment software or multi-posters that you use?
  • Have they got great testimonials from their clients?
  • Do they have any award-winning recruitment websites?
  • Do they offer ongoing support and what does that cost?
  • Can you easily manage your website vacancies and pages, including adding new pages, using a content management system (CMS)?
  • Can you easily add new sectors, locations?
  • Can candidates and clients ‘self service’ using candidate and client portals?
  • Can you get reports on how the website is performing in terms of conversions (applications, registrations, sign-ups)? 
  • Are their recruitment websites ‘SEO friendly’ including Google for Jobs, and aggregator job feeds?
  • Will your new recruiter site automate some manual tasks such as sending out email alerts and notifications, or posting to social networks?

They say ‘beauty is only skin deep’ and that is certainly right for web sites.  The real intelligence and automation that will drive growth in your business lies beneath the surface.

Please contact one of our experts for more details on what we offer.

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